A new residential quarter is being developed in the Žirmūnai district of Vilnius


Company “Kenova Asset management” is making plans to receive a construction permit to develop a new residential quarter in Žirmūnai, Verkių St. 39. Investments in this project shall reach 35 million euros.

More than 500 apartments, situated in five story buildings in a territory of almost 2 hectares will be offered to buyers.  Future residents will be able to choose 1-4 room apartments from 25 up to 85 sq. m. It is planned to develop the quarter in several stages.

According to the director of “Kenova Asset Management”, Kęstutis Faktorovičius, this conversion project will contribute to the orderly city development without expanding into new areas, while exploiting already existing unsettled locations in the central part of the city. “Considering the river situated nearby, green areas, nearby “Ogminos miestas”, sports compound, distance to the old town and social infrastructure, Žirmūnai is one of the most attractive districts to the buyers with different needs. No to mention the fact, that supply of new apartments in this part of Žirmūnai is limited. The plan is to turn this area not only into cozy homes for future residents, but also into inseparable part of Žirmūnai with clean environment and good infrastructure for those living in the neighborhood “, - says K. Faktorovičius.

An underground parking lot, included in the project, will allow the residents to enjoy peace in the inner yards. All the apartments will have spacious balconies, the residents of the upper floors will be able to admire the view of Vilnius.

The director of the company behind the project “Vilniaus architektūros studija” and head of the project architects, Algimantas Pliučas, states that the project will delight future residents with especially large inner yards and green spaces. “The chosen concept of the project allows us to maintain large distances between buildings, which is hard to find in other new construction projects. We exploit these spaces by creating functional yards with green, children and active zones, foot and bike paths”, - says A. Pliučas.

This will be the second project developed by “Kenova Asset Management” which has received control company license from the Bank of Lithuania. The core of the “Kenova Asset management” team consists of specialists with extensive real estate project management experience and experienced real estate sellers.