A new residential quarter is being developed in the Žirmūnai district of Vilnius

Company “Kenova Asset management” is making plans to receive a construction permit to develop a new residential quarter in Žirmūnai, Verkių St. 39. Investments in this project shall reach 35 million euros.

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New complex of offices and apartments will be built in the center of Vilnius

Company “Kenova Asset Management” will develop a new office and apartment complex on Algirdo Street in Naujamiestis. The construction work is set to begin in the second half in 2019 with investments amounting to 20 million Euros.

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The development projects are in the crosshairs of the new real estate funds manager

The Bank of Lithuania has granted the licence of a management company to this new player concerned with investment into real estate – “Kenova asset management”, UAB. In the fourth quarter of this year, the company intends to start with more than one specialized fund, which is meant for informed investors.

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